Parallel Applications 2

Internal Resources


More resources such as lecture notes and all supplementary materials (recordings, images, codes) will be published in out MS Teams group "PA 2". All students were added to this group at the beginning of the semester. If you have no access to this group, you should contact your lecturer.

Public Resources


No login is required.
If provided, read carefully additional texts that can contain some helpful information on the origins of the files, license agreements, etc.


Install all recommended extensions that can help you with programming, i.e. NVIDIA NSight Integration.

Click HERE to download an empty project with all additional libraries for further usage.


An acceptable project solution is part of the student evaluation. To successfully complete, students must obtain at least 21 points out of a total of 40 points. Topics of all projects can be downloaded below, and we strongly recommend discussing the topic with your lecturer to avoid misunderstandings. The method of choosing the topic is determined by lecturers at the seminars. 



  • Click HERE to download project topics